Over the last several months, one of the questions I have been asking myself is this—what really lights me up? What do I enjoy more than anything else?

I started thinking about things like leading & impacting people; strategy; storytelling; growing brands; fitness & health; building community; and more…all things that I do really have passion and energy for. But when I really thought about what lights me up, it came back to one thing that connected them all—conversations.

I have found that I love to TALK about all those things with deep thinkers who expand my own thinking about said things.

Over the course of the pandemic, I rediscovered some great relationships in different ways. One of those relationships was with my dear friend Bill from high school who is in a similar walk of life. For the last 6 months or so, Bill and I have committed to a monthly phone call—something we set on our calendars as a recurring meeting called Meeting of the Minds—where we talk about many of these things: purpose, marketing, storytelling, activation, and more. In our most recent phone call, we had another one of our great conversations, and this time we talked our using our voice to communicate widely. We agreed that we would expand our platform together, and report back.

My commitment that I will be sharing with Bill is this—get back into regular blogging through my personal website. It could expand from there, but this is the starting point for me. And here, you have discovered my first post back in the game.

That conversation with Bill inspired me in my ideal format for posting—conversations. Because I love to have deep, insightful conversations more than anything else with people I love and admire, I am going to build a conversation with you!

Thank you to Bill for starting this conversation, and to all the people who have helped me realize that this is what I truly love. I’m hoping to build a conversation with other people looking for this kind of depth and connection.

Looking forward to chatting.